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Working Group Title WG Leader
1 WikiLignin Bernard Kurek, INRA (FR)
2 Production and catalytic conversion technologies Pieter Bruijnincx, UU (NL)
3 Industrial application requirements versus lignin properties Karolien van Broekhoven,VITO (B)
4 Value chains for lignin valorisation Per Tomani, RISE (SE)
5 Technical and sustainability aspects Apostolis Koutinas, AUA (GR)

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Working Group 1: WikiLignin

WG1 leader: Dr. Bernard Kurek, INRA (FR) Working group 1 is focussing on the development of an open access web tool based lignin information package. Furthermore standardisation of analytical methods for evaluation of technical lignin properties and mapping and inventory of lignin production/valorisation research infrastructure in Europe will be performed.

Working Group 2: Production and catalytic conversion technologies, including technology readiness level (TRL) assessment

WG2 leader: Prof. Pieter Bruijnincx, UU (NL) Working group 2 is going to create an overview of existing and novel lignin production and conversion technologies, including technologies to change the lignin structure in plants and to improve lignin’s intrinsic properties. And to analyse what biomass structure – pretreatment – conversion technology –application relationships can be defined. Feedstock-technology performance indicators will be developed to assess the efficiency of conversion of different types of biomass (for lignin-first approaches) or technical lignins (when lignin valorisation follows isolation by pretreatment). Identification of opportunities for back and forward integration of biocatalytic or chemo-catalytic conversion technologies with upstream (refining / isolation / pretreatment efforts) or downstream (materials applications / chemicals manufacture) processing will be done. To benchmark critical process parameters on conversion technology and downstream processing, heat integration, etc., in order to identify the major hurdles to development to higher TRLs.v

Working Group 3: Industrial application requirements versus lignin properties

WG3 leader: Dr. Karolien van Broekhoven, VITO (B) Working group 3 will make an inventory of relevant applications in which lignin or derivatives thereof can be used to substitute fossil-based compounds, and of the required technical specifications of lignin-based compounds. Identify promising lignin product-resource combinations, and extract structure-property relationships and address “white-spots” in knowledge and technology for further innovation.

Working Group 4: Development of value chains for lignin valorisation

WG4 leader: Mr. Per Tomani, RISE (SE) Working group 4 will deliver information on the description of whole value chain approaches, including sustainable lignin valorisation. Identification of stakeholders along the value chains and description of the current state-of-the-art.

Working Group 5: Technical and full sustainability aspects, LCA, market deployment potential and implementation

WG5 leader: Dr. Apostolis Koutinas, AUA (GR) Working group 5 will support the most promising lignin valorisation chains with a multi-criteria evaluation of sustainability aspects (including LCA data) with emphasis on process profitability to make maximal use of the market potential and support the market deployment. Furthermore identification of non-technical deployment barriers and of strategies to overcome them will be a result delivered by this working group.