LignoCOST participates in the 5th EuChemS Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry (5th EuGSC)

LignoCOST supports the organization of the 5th EuGSC with many of its members participating as authors/presenters or special issue co-editors, communicating in the best way the scope and aims of the Action.

Prof. Konstantinos Triantafyllidis, MC member and Science Communication Manager of LignoCOST, is the chair of 5th EuGSC.

5th EuGSC website:

LignoCOST participates in the 2nd International Congress on Biorefineries and Renewable Energies (BERSTIC II)

Organized by Prof. Fernando Colmenares (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia), member of LignoCOST in Bucaramanga, Colombia on 17 – 20 February 2020. Several members of LignoCOST from Greece, Sweden, Spain, Poland and other countries participated in the conference, communicating in the best way the scope and aims of the Action and expanding the links with Colombia and South America



Posts on the Portuguese media for the 2nd joint Working Groups/Workshop & 3rd MC meeting of LignoCOST, in Regua, Portugal

Researchers in Netherlands exploring use of lignin as alternative asphalt binder

In the Netherlands there are now test roads and cycle paths that are paved with a bitumen-like product made from the natural binder lignin. These include a section of road on an industrial site—used daily by cars and heavy trucks, some minor roads, and a cycle path at Wageningen University & Research, which is in three sections, each produced using a different lignin-based bio-bitumen.