CA17128 LignoCOST on-line Workshop on ‘Current status of lignin valorisation in Europe’ organized by RISE, Stockholm, Sweden, October 12th 2020

The CA17128 LignoCOST On-line Workshop ‘Current status of lignin valorisation in Europe’ was organized with great success by RISE, Stockholm, on 12-October-2020, with 156 attendees from 35 countries.

Following the welcome address by the organizers, Dr. Per Tomani and Maria Ölmhult, Mr.Sc. (RISE), the chair of the Action, Dr. Richard Gosselink, presented shortly the aim, objectives and activities of LignoCOST.

The following invited key note presentations offered state-of-the-art information on lignin valorization technologies and motivated discussions among the participants.

  • Sami-Pekka Rantanen/Metgen – Debottlenecking Biorefineries – Solutions for Economic Feasibility
  • Luca Ferrari/Nemho/Trespa – Requirements of lignin for thermosetting resins and key learning’s of developing the Bloom technology
  • Victor Isaksen/STING Bioeconomy – Boosting Lignin Business
  • Marcelo C. S. Muguet/Klabin – Klabin´s perspectives for lignin production & valorization

A short introduction to the 5 Working Groups of the Action was then presented by the WG leaders:

  • WG1: WikiLignin, lignin infrastructure specific topic – Wiki lignin and lignin producers survey: where do we stand (WG1 leader: Bernard Kurek)
  • WG2: Production and catalytic conversion technologies, incl. TRL assessment (WG2 leader: Pieter Bruijnincx)
  • WG3: Industrial application requirements versus lignin properties (WG3 leader: Karolien Vanbroekhoven)
  • WG4: Development of value chains for lignin valorization – Specific topic: “Value chain phenol formaldehyde resins for wood panels” by Tiina Liitiä (VTT) (WG4 leader: Per Tomani)
  • WG5: Technical and full sustainability aspects, LCA – Specific topic: Development of lignin valorisation processes: Overview of selected value chains for process efficiency evaluation (WG5 leader: Apostolis Koutinas).


The presentations by the WG leaders stimulated the discussions amongst the members of the WGs, in parallel sessions, which led to useful conclusions and ideas for the future activities of LignoCOST.

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